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What’s Happening

Participants in our Advanced Manufacturing training program are learning remotely! Since we can not meet face-to-face, we speedily but carefully designed an online classroom using the same cloud-based tool selected by many k-12 schools, colleges and universities.  Collecting informal maker resources, industry developed trainings and a wealth of information available through Autodesk’s network, we posted cohesive electronic materials and instructional guides in one place for our students. This interactive course site has become our online hub -- connecting us and bridging our live video sessions with assignments, readings, quizzes and media that the students review, write about, and discuss as they learn new skills.

We have partnered with four local industries to provide internships and potential employment opportunities which we hope will propel these bright young people into full-time positions in hard-to-fill jobs at these Buffalo companies.


A update from one of our students:

What You Can Do

Since in-person, hands-on training at The Foundry is suspended, all learning is happening in our online classroom. We currently only have a single way to link from our course to a specialized portal containing interactive lessons. Only one “learning portal” for our class was needed when we were together onsite. But offsite, each student would greatly benefit from their own link for individual access. Your support would directly offset this unforeseen and unanticipated cost!

Students with personalized portal access could work with instructors to chart their own progress -- staying up-to-date or even proceeding ahead to visualized exercises and exploration of new skill-based processes. Portal access for each group member would enable our educators to better prepare each student for the certification test at the end of our program.

Please consider supporting The Foundry in this vital work to help this group of dedicated young people who haven’t always had the support they’ve needed or seen their individual strengths recognized, Your efforts would work to keep students involved and successfully advancing toward completing this advanced training program.

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