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Spring/Summer Advanced Manufacturing Program

Participants in Advanced Manufacturing have just completed the 18-week program, and are being placed in on-site internships at Tapecon Inc and Zehnder-Rittling! Since we could not meet face-to-face in Spring due to Covid19, we speedily but carefully designed an online classroom using the same cloud-based tool selected by many k-12 schools, colleges and universities.  Collecting informal maker resources, industry developed trainings and a wealth of information available through Autodesk’s network, we posted cohesive electronic materials and instructional guides in one place for our students. This interactive course site has become our online hub -- connecting us and bridging our live video sessions with assignments, readings, quizzes and media that the students review, write about, and discuss as they learn new skills.

Listen to a program update from one of our students:

Fall Programming

We are now in the planning stages for Fall Programming. We are following NYS guidelines and will continue to communicate our plan as it evolves. If allowed on-site, we will continue our CDOS programming with OLV Human Services and build projects for the Oxford Square Block Club. Another 18-week Advanced Manufacturing training is planned for September, and thanks to the generous support of Ciminelli Real Estate Corporation, we are excited to announce the launch of our youth entrepreneurship program - a semester long after school program designed to introduce business basics and maker skills to 11th and 12th graders. For enrollment information in either program, please contact us!

What You Can Do

Since in-person, hands-on training at The Foundry is unpredictable in the foreseeable future, we are committing to being prepared for partial or fully online learning sessions. We currently only have a single way to link from our advanced manufacturing course to a specialized portal containing interactive lessons. Only one “learning portal” for class is needed when we are together onsite. Offsite, each student would greatly benefit from their own link for individual access. Students with personalized portal access could work with instructors to chart their own progress -- staying up-to-date or even proceeding ahead to visualized exercises and exploration of new skill-based processes. Your financial support would directly offset this unforeseen and unanticipated cost!

Additionally, we are in need of laptops. In the spring we were lucky enough to be able to provide a set of computers to students to work and learn from home. With the possibility of teaching more students online, we anticipate needing additional laptops capable of editing images for laser cutting, creating 3D printing files, and more.

Please consider supporting The Foundry in this vital work to help our students. Your efforts would work to keep students involved and successfully advancing toward their personal career goals.

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