Celebrate Black History Month @ The Foundry!

You're invited to join us on Monday, February 27, 6-9pm, to honor & celebrate Black History Month! All of our makerspaces will be hosting various activities, our Black-owned businesses will open their doors for shopping & conversation, and for those new to The Foundry, we'll be hosting tours throughout the evening and showcasing ways to get involved


This event is free & family-friendly, we hope to see you there!


Join us in welcoming....

Tamara Zantell Lewis - Business Development 

We are so excited to announce Tamara Zantell Lewis will be joining The Foundry to grow our business incubator efforts and support our east side business community!!! 

Tamara and her daughter were tenants when we were first starting The Foundry. She’s since worked with her daughter to turn Zandra’s kitchen hobby into a million-dollar brand Zandra Beauty. Tamara is the founder of Raising a Mogul, a worldwide community that supports parents in nurturing the next generation of leaders, influencers, philanthropists, and entrepreneurs. In addition, she co-founded Legacy Brand Creators, LLC, a boutique brand development, marketing, and publishing agency.

She has consistently been a champion and instructor of our Youth Entrepreneurship Program, and is committed to supporting youth entrepreneurship globally and families who aspire to build an impactful family legacy brand.

She is a mother to five. Together or separately, they have been featured on AOL , ESPN, Netflix , USA Today, Forbes, Entrepreneur, Black Enterprise , ABC News Nightline, Today Show, and more. 

With expertise in building community relationships, delivering exceptional products and services, and creating systematic and diverse environments, Tamara has the knowledge and experience to help clients launch international brands, generate revenue, and develop young moguls and family businesses for success.

We are SO lucky she’s a part of our team!

Carmen - Cosmic Debris, new Foundry Tenant

Welcome, Carmen! She is a bench jeweler and artist born, raised, and working in Buffalo, NY. She sells bespoke jewelry pieces and staples, photo prints, zines, and paintings. Especially catering to those who might not be able to find what they’re looking for elsewhere.

Some of her best memories growing up were designing jewelry pieces, talking about different stones, or doing line drawings with her grandmother. She says she owes a lot of her aesthetic and pursuit of art to her grandmother’s influence and creativity.

If you have a design idea, Carmen is open to chatting about it!

Follow her on instagram: instagram.com/cosmicdebrsjwlry/

Or visit her shop on etsy: cosmicdebrisjwlry.etsy.com

Your impact matters. 

With your help, we got so close to goal for our 2022 End of Year Campaign and are extremely grateful for the ongoing support of our donors, volunteers, and friends. 

These dollars will allow us to sustain our current programming and build capacity as we head into an exciting year of growth. 

Almost double the amount of donors contributed to this campaign from last year, with more than 40% being new donors to The Foundry. This success is a showcase of what we can accomplish together as we continue expanding possibilities and building opportunity for young people, entrepreneurs, artists & makers in our community. 

From our board, staff, and everyone at The Foundry, we thank you!

Ways you can get involved at The Foundry

Beyond taking classes, there are so many ways to get involved at The Foundry. Join us by:

We're currently seeking...

Metal Shop Supervisors

Are you an experienced metal worker with a desire to share skills with your community? We're looking for skilled makers interested in supervising our metalshop. Responsibilities will include spreading enthusiasm for making, giving people advice on their projects when they ask and helping people stay safe while using our makerspaces. Volunteer supervisors are granted complimentary access to use our makerspaces during Open Maker Hours in return for volunteering.

Community Project Submissions

Do you have an idea for a project that will impact your community? We are now accepting applications for community projects in need of tools or skilled volunteers. We cannot provide materials for projects, but we may be able to provide access to tools, volunteers, or advice. We will not be able to take on every project as we're continuing to grow capacity, but we will do our best to assist when possible.

If interested in these opportunities or getting involved, connect with us by sending an email to [email protected]