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This week, we’re featuring stories of students, entrepreneurs and community groups using The Foundry’s TechLab to highlight why it’s so important to have Makerspaces for All.

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Using The Foundry’s Tech Lab to Succeed in a Digital World

Did you know nearly two-thirds of new jobs require higher level digital skills? Without opportunities through informal education spaces like The Foundry, low-income individuals will continue to be underresourced and underemployed.

The Foundry offers an 18 week workforce development program for students, exploring the role computers play in making and manufacturing. They learn about digital fabrication, 3D printing, laser engraving, basic electronics and soldering.

Before participating in The Foundry’s program, one student said they “had no idea how manufacturing plays such a big role in the community [and] in the planet!”

Students leave the program better prepared to succeed in a digital world and with an increased awareness of job opportunities in making and manufacturing. Access to makerspaces provides options for to explore not only in living wage jobs, but jobs that are a good fit.

Why Makerspaces for All is Critical

Cost should never be a barrier to accessing tools and resources. As a community resource, makerspaces should open their doors to anyone, regardless of who they are or how much they can pay. But - maintaining makerspaces is expensive.

Which is where YOU come in! 

Your support expands access to makerspaces for the WNY community and empowers individuals in making and entrepreneurship - offsetting costs for staffing shops, maintenance, and general building repairs. 

Plus, you can donate any amount and access the makerspaces as a Foundry supporter during open maker hours.

To keep our makerspaces open, we need your commitment to reach an annual combined community giving goal of $50,000.

Can you contribute and guarantee everyone - including young adults in our program - access to makerspace tools and opportunities?

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