Elevate Our Makerspace Community

Community makerspaces empower by providing access to the tools, knowledge and resources that enable neighborhoods to meet their own needs.

We have talented artists, builders, crafters, designers and makers who combine the necessary strengths and skills to produce new items with and for partner organizations or community members. Plus we have Open Maker Hours where any one can come in and use our tools!



What you can do

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Contribute to our community efforts and fund additional raw materials and administrative costs for community projects!
Your donation supports The Foundry’s operations and ensures we can continue to support community efforts. Your donation serves local groups, our striving entrepreneurs and advancing youth. Plus, a donation allows you to access our spaces during Open Maker Hours!

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Become a Volunteer!

Volunteers directly contribute to the improvement and upkeep of Foundry makerspaces.  Visit our Volunteer Page to learn about opportunities. Do you have a special skill to share?  Tell us about it, we’d love to hear from you! 


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