MakerFest '22 (ToolFest)

The Foundry

With winter beginning to fade (let's hope) and April right around the corner, it is time for MakerFest '22 (formally ToolFest). You're invited to show off your maker skills and have a bit of fun in support of The Foundry! Visit our website for more information and join us on April 1 to learn what the design theme is for this year. If you haven't seen the winning video from last year - be impressed by Team Pierogi's skills!

The next time you're at The Foundry - you'll see some new faces! In November, we hired Brian Fuss as Development Coordinator. Brian is working on fundraising. Reach out to him and make a donation, or welcome him by buying a ticket to MakerFest!

In January, Amina Boyd was promoted to Director of Curriculum and Instruction. She'll continue to inspire students and is dreaming up all sorts of fun maker activities!

In February, Sherman Webb-Middlebrooks was hired as Director of Youth Development. Sherman brings to The Foundry a wealth of experience working with the youth of Buffalo.

As the Education Team, Amina and Sherman will be working alongside each other to continue to strengthen the best youth programs Buffalo has to offer. Will you congratulate and welcome them by sharing info on The Foundry's youth programs and connecting them to your network?

Corporate Sponsorship

Is your company looking for an opportunity to help the community? Are you willing to show your passion for The Foundry by asking your company to financially support The Foundry? Is your company looking for a year-long partnership? Contact Brian at [email protected] for more information on our corporate sponsorship packages. The Foundry is a 501c3 - all donations are tax-deductible.