Afterschool, Weekend, & Summer Sessions

The Foundry has offered a broad range of afterschool, weekend, and summer options to youth. See below for our current offerings.

Young Entrepreneurs Program

This program is made possible through the generous support of Ciminelli Real Estate Corporation.

Program Description: In this program, High School students create and sell items using The Foundry's tech and/or textile labs. They meet entrepreneurs, learn about business, and earn money through e-commerce and in-person sales. You can shop for these products on our e-commerce store in December and May. 

Eligibility Criteria: Must be currently enrolled in Buffalo Public High School or Charter School (some homeschool students may be eligible - reach out to discuss your particular situation)

STEAM Programs

Special thanks to Foundation 214, Cullen Foundation, The Margaret L Wendt Foundation, The Garman Family Foundation, Third Generation Fund, Ralph C. Wilson Foundation, and The Emerging Philanthropists of Color for their grants in support of our programming.

High School STEAM Programs 

SHURI'S STEAM LAB  - A *paid* after-school gig with The Foundry and The Galactic Tribe that delves into STEAM by engaging in projects focusing on the environment through aquaponics and agriculture.

Middle School STEAM Programs

Offsite at area middle schools, students gain practical insight into creating and designing products through Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math (STEAM) concepts.

Examples of past sessions include - 

Two groups of students constructed laser-cut nightlights with built-in motion sensors that we designed for younger students. A bit of coding, soldering and even 3D printing was involved

Three groups of students created interactive fireflies from recycled materials and small electronic components. The little creatures light up when you wave at them - a great way to learn more about light, energy and circuits.

Two groups of students developed collections of sewn stuffed animals with embedded circuits, which they made for younger students.  LED “eyes” soldered to tiny sensors light up when touched.

We offer STEAM sessions each Fall and Spring and have capacity to support ~12 students in each program. If you are interested in partnering with us to offer programming, please begin the process by filling out our partnership request form.

Past participants include the Boys & Girls Club (5th-8th grade), WEDI, Futures Academy (7-8th grade), and Tapestry Charter School (5th grade).

For more information or to support the growth of our afterschool programs, please contact [email protected]


Page Updated 9/2023