Students + Maker Businesses at The Foundry

We recently shared a video update from The Foundry's advanced manufacturing program. This week, some photos!

ED Megan McNally learns the cricut  Window decals cut using different materials  Window decals designed by different students

Education Update

With help from The Foundry's Education Staff, our Executive Director learned how to use the Cricut the past few weeks! This means that we can continue to operate equipment from the comfort of home while providing learning opportunities with advanced manufacturing students offsite. This past week, students learned to create .svg files, sent them in an email and they were cut as window decals (pictured above)! It was a great lesson in design, the limitations of certain materials, and how to set up and use machines.

About the Advanced Manufacturing Program: The Foundry offers an advanced manufacturing workforce development program in collaboration with The Service Collaborative of WNY's YouthBuild program and The Buffalo Niagara Partnership. This program pairs with training needs identified by local partners such as Tapecon Inc, PCB Piezotronics, Zehnder-Rittling and Rigidized Metals. A group of students from WNY YouthBuild and our makerspace community enrolled in early February to begin the 5 month program with hopes of placing graduating students into positions in July.

How can you help?

There are unforeseen costs as a result of moving programming online - for example, each student needs a dedicated learning portal in order to keep up to date with progress and testing for certification. Please consider supporting The Foundry as it helps talented, dedicated young people continue to stay involved and make sure they can successfully complete the training program.

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Small Business Update

Past emails included a video update from small business tenant and metalshop instructor, Beth Juliar. This week, we share some photos of the work our small businesses do. Perhaps you'll be inspired to support them during this time! Click on the image to go to their e-commerce page.

Crochet sandals by Grafieti  Lantern, made by Catch a Falling Jar  Bread knives made by Billamy's Woodworking

How can you help?  Buy from local makers!

We are encouraging supporters (like you!) to take a look at the current list of Foundry tenants/graduates and consider supporting maker businesses through e-commerce or individual projects! Do you need promotional materials printed? T-shirts made? Stained glass repaired? Need to send custom made cards to a friend? Consider purchasing now to support your local maker economy!

Thank You and Keep in Touch!

Listen to an update from Foundry board member Andy Schwartz and why he looks forward to when The Foundry can reopen.

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