The Foundry collaborates with approximately 30 Foundry Fellow Businesses on an annual basis, offering exclusive, rentable spaces, business support and shared access to a diverse array of makerspaces including a woodshop, metalshop, tech zone, textile workspace, and digital fabrication lab.

Our Fellows play a pivotal role in shaping the programs and initiatives at The Foundry. Many of them also serve as educators in both our youth and adult programs contributing their expertise and passion.

There are various ways you can contribute to our thriving maker community. You can engage through e-commerce, supporting the businesses, or by commissioning innovative projects that align with your vision. The business fellows at The Foundry have proven their mastery in creating a wide spectrum of products and offering an extensive range of services. Your interest and involvement can truly make a difference!

For more information on our Foundry Fellow program - contact Tamara Zantell, Bushiness Development Manager at [email protected]


Suite 100 - Cocoa Cosmetics

Suite 101 - Unapologetically PHAT

Suite 103 - Bue's Beads

Suite 104 - Mother Earth Literacies

Suite 105 - For the Fearless Co.

Suite 108 - Marcus Hoag

Suite 109 - FASHION59

Suite 109 - Shandra Marie

Suite 112/114 - Keefer Candles

Suite 113 - Juliar Ink

Suite 115 - cmlb designs

Suite 117 - Black & Birdy

Suite 119 - Custom Metal Decor by NewLife

Suite 120 - Aille Design

Suite 121 - Ace Handyman Services Buffalo Southtowns

Suite 121 - Phyllis Rubino & Lara Martini

Suite 123 - Lufff LLC.

Suite 130/131/133 - Buffalo Bottle Craft

Suite 201 - LISH Creative

Suite 202 - Jillian Hanesworth

Suite 206 - Let Rose Speak



Suite 111 - WAY Program - OLV Human Services

Suite 205 - TSCWNY/YouthBuild WNY

Suite 300 - Bootsector

Suite 301 - Cooperation Buffalo



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Page Updated 9/2023