Textile Lab

The Textile Lab contains eight sewing machines and material for different course-based and community projects.
We are currently fundraising for a digital sewing machine and an embroidery machine.

Materials from the Tech Lab can be used in the Textile Lab to support "sew electric" crafted handiwork and LED embedded knitware.


We look forward to hosting classes and tutorials for members. Some examples:

  • Setting up a Large Standard Loom - construction and preparation for weaving
  • Computerized file set-up for digital embroidery
  • Knitting Socks, Scarves, etc.
  • Sew Electric - using conductive thread
  • Recycled materials in the Fiber Arts

How to Join

Membership is simple, prospective members enroll in a free textile lab orientation and then sign up for Basic, Basic Plus, or Pro membership. The Foundry Makerspaces memberships range from $30 per month to $100 per month. A storage locker is available for an additional $25/mo as a Basic Member and is included in a Pro Membership.

More information is available at http://www.thefoundrybuffalo.org/makerspaces

Open Hours

Monday through Thursday: 9am-8pm (when classes are not in session)
Friday and Saturday: 10am-4pm