ToolFest 2021 - Vote!

On APRIL FOOLS DAY 2021 a group of brave, pioneering supporters of The Foundry

put on their maker and entrepreneur hats (virtually) to enter the wacky and whimsical world of ToolFest2021.

The mission - create a spaghetti harvester tool - to assist in the upcoming WNY harvest.

What? You don't grow spaghetti on trees? 

Click here to see what we're talking about!


Each team received a package of materials from our makerspaces - wood, metal, textile & tech

and had one week to complete the ToolFest 2021 challenge.

There were a few rules to follow, but most importantly everyone needed to HAVE FUN!

And now - it's time for the public voting stage of the competition!

Click on each link below to view the finalists in the TOOLFEST 2021 Challenge!


Entry #1 - The Spaghetti Machete

Entry #2 - Mama K's Twirling Pink Pasta Picker

Entry #3 - The Spaghetti Line

Entry #4 - The Spaghetti Slapper

Entry #5 - Pasta Picker aka Spaghetti Harvestal

Entry #6 - il mietitore di spaghetti

Click HERE to vote for your favorite!



The WINNER of the 1st Annual TOOLFEST CUP will be announced on Facebook Live on 4/22 at 6pm.


She's a beauty! Our ToolFest Cup will be passed on from year to year to the winning team to have and to hold for bragging rights. Each year an additional "tool" will be added to the cup depending on the ToolFest Challenge Theme.  Just imagine how magnificent the ToolFest Cup with be in 2027!

TOOLFEST 2021 was reinvented during the pandemic as a THANK YOU event for our supporters during the past year. We are so very thankful to each and every person who believes and supports our mission.


If you would like to become a supporter and be a part of ToolFest 2022

please click here to make a donation.