Volunteer/Intern Oppportunities

The Foundry partners with VolunteerWNY. You will be redirected to VolunteerWNY to search and sign-up for volunteer and internship opportunities. 

Work Days

Check out our Volunteer Opportunities page to see when the next work day is happening. 

(good for groups, 1 day volunteer event)

Skilled construction volunteers welcome!

Makerspace Supervisor Positions

Metal- Are you a pro/semi-pro welder or metal artist and would like to give back?

Tech- Are you passionate about modern computer tech, 3D printing and would like to help others?  

TextileAre you a fiber artist, sewing enthusiast or skilled weaver interested in sharing your craft?

Wood- Are you a craftsman or working your way up to the title? If you're looking to give back check out this opportunity. 

Education Internships

TechLab-Explore aspects of supporting and running a community MakerSpace by collaboratively planning events with local educators, and developing manageable projects for new investigators interested in 3D printing, basic electronics and computer-based making.
Textile-Develop manageable projects for new investigators interested in silk-screening and both handwork and computer assisted technologies for knitting, sewing and weaving.
Marketing- Work with a passionate organization of creators, learn how to effectively market classes as well as how to assist our resident small businesses in developing marketing plans. 


Media/marketing- help us get the word out about The Foundry!

Photography/Videographers- create stock photography, take head shots of our businesses, capture inspiring footage

Website Design- help us improve our web presence and help visitors navigate our webpage

Business Mentoring

Business Mentors- have experience and expertise to lend? Become a business mentor and help our small businesses succeed. The Foundry partners with WEDI, SBDC, and Beverly Gray Center for small business mentoring services. 


Volunteer Coordinator- love connecting with new people? We need someone interested in coordinating our volunteer days and opportunities!