WOOD You FeedBuffalo?

Every year, The Foundry commits to building a certain number of community projects - built with and for the WNY community. In 2019, founder of Feed Buffalo, Drea d’Nur approached us with a request: Can you build little free pantries to locate city-wide to increase access to healthy, halal food for families in need?
With funding support from M&T Bank, The Foundry worked alongside FeedBuffalo, volunteers and students from Health Sciences Charter School to build 6 little free pantries with green roofs! Students learned valuable hands-on skills and why it’s so important to eliminate food deserts in the city of Buffalo.
This is just one of the many reasons it’s so important to have Makerspaces for All. Cost should never be a barrier to accessing tools and resources. We believe that as a community resource, makerspaces should open their doors to anyone, regardless of who they are or how much they can pay.
But - maintaining makerspaces is costly.
Which is where you come in!
Your support expands access to makerspaces for the WNY community and empowers individuals in making and entrepreneurship - offsetting costs for staffing shops, maintenance, and general upkeep of our building.
Plus, you can donate any amount and access the makerspaces as a Foundry Supporter!
To keep our makerspaces open, we need your commitment to reach an annual individual giving goal of $50,000.
Will you contribute and guarantee everyone has access to makerspace tools and opportunities?
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