Youth Showcase


Date and Time: June 1st, 10:00 AM – 2:00 PM  

Location:  The Foundry 298 Northampton

  • Meet budding entrepreneurs and buy great gifts!
  • Talk to STEAM students about our aquaponics system and healthy food access in our city.
  • Check out what our FOUNDRYmade participants have been making in the metal shop (hint: they’re cute and buzzzzzz🐝)
  • All this and more!
  • Huge thanks to Ciminelli Real Estate Corporation for supporting this youth showcase and our young entrepreneurs.

This event shines a spotlight on the vibrant community of youth entrepreneurs while showcasing the diverse range of programs offered by the Foundry. It's a platform dedicated to celebrating the creativity and innovation of young minds, while also highlighting the various youth-focused initiatives facilitated by the Foundry. Through engaging product demonstrations and interactive presentations, attendees can immerse themselves in the entrepreneurial journey of these talented individuals and gain a deeper understanding of the impactful youth programs provided by the Foundry.

Vendor Information:

  • YEP: At the event, YEP students will showcase and sell their captivating home decor line, featuring an array of keychains, mugs, and blankets. Additionally, they'll host demo sessions in the tech lab, inviting participants to unleash their creativity by crafting their very own Foundry swag bag.
  • STEAM: During the event, STEAM students will present their innovative aquaponics systems, sharing insights gained from their program experience. There will also be opportunities for interactive demonstrations in the tech lab, where attendees can explore hands-on activities related to aquaponics and sustainability.
  • FoundryMade: FoundryMade students will proudly showcase their meticulously crafted garden stakes at the metal show, highlighting the skills they've honed throughout their program. Attendees can look forward to live demonstrations, offering a firsthand glimpse into the craftsmanship and techniques mastered by these talented artisans.
  • Youth Entrepreneurs in Buffalo: We are seeking up to 12 young entrepreneurs from Buffalo to participate in our showcase, providing them with a platform to sell their unique products. We specifically welcome high school-aged students who are passionate about entrepreneurship and eager to share their creations with the community.