Renting Business Space at The Foundry

Grow Your Business

The Foundry works with an average of 30 maker businesses annually, providing private rentable space and access to shared makerspaces - woodshop, metalshop, tech, textile and digital fabrication lab. As a Foundry Fellow you have space to run your business, access to business mentorship, and many other business-related programs and perks. Our Foundry Fellows are the driving force in a lot of the programming and activity at The Foundry!

If you are not looking for private business space at The Foundry and need access to shared spaces, see our Makerspace page.

Join Our Community

We give preference to businesses run by women and people of color as well as product-based/maker-related businesses, and people who are passionate about getting involved with The Foundry community. We believe in a future that builds a just and locally grown economy that includes everyone.

If you don’t fall under any of these categories, don’t fret! It doesn’t exclude you from applying and being accepted as a potential Fellow af The Foundry. CLICK HERE FOR OUR FOUNDRY FELLOW APPLICATION.

Benefits for Your Business at The Foundry

There are several benefits of being at The Foundry:

  1. Shared operating costs​:​ By operating out of The Foundry, not only will you join​ ​an inspiring group of entrepreneurs, but you will save money. Instead of purchasing space and services individually, multiple businesses share the costs. Fellows sharing the same space reduces utility, internet, and insurance costs. In addition, you have access to all the equipment in our makerspaces -- which means you don't have to worry about those equipment costs until it makes sense as you grow!
  2. Business assistance:​ The Foundry offers its tenants free, confidential business mentoring with a Bushiness Development Manager regardless of the business’ development stage. The Foundry regularly sends Fellows opportunities for attending workshops, loan and grant opportunities with partner organizations, and events to expand their networks. 
  3. Professionalism:​ Oftentimes maker-businesses start in a house or garage, but grow to need a space that separates business and personal life. Operating from The Foundry provides businesses with a professional platform from which to operate. 
  4. Camaraderie of fellow entrepreneurs:​ ​At The Foundry, you will join a community of business owners helping each other to succeed. Our Fellows learn from each other and celebrate each others' successes!

"The minute I walked into The Foundry, there were people to help me and amazing access to tools. There were always people working when I came in, and we shared experiences that helped our businesses grow." -- Viktoria Ciostek, Knotty Moose (custom frames, past tenant)

What You Can Expect as a Tenant

  • 24/7 key access to the building
  • Internet and security system
  • Access to shared meeting room/business center
  • Receiving and Mail Service
  • Business and professional development classes
  • Connections to The Foundry's established network of professionals
  • Continuous exposure to future customers
  • Mentorship from business professionals
  • Access to our Makerspaces (additional fees apply if using regularly)

How to Become a Foundry Fellow

  1. Visit The Foundry and explore our website. Generally, there are walk in tours every Saturday at 11am, no reservation required. There are also events that showcase many of the Foundry's spaces and activities. If you need to come at a different time, email us to schedule a tour and discuss your small business renting space at The Foundry.
  2. Once you have been on a tour, please submit an application. Applications are reviewed by Current Fellows, Board Members and Staff.
  3. If you are good candidate (and we have available space), we will reach out to schedule an informal interview to discuss your business goals and plans for being a Fellow at The Foundry. Otherwise, we will let you know why we feel you are not a good fit for The Foundry at this time.
  4. Once you go through the interview process and both you and our review committee thinks we should move forward, then hurray! We’ll schedule a time to show you your new space, sign a lease, and review the Foundry Fellow agreement which covers general policies of The Foundry.

Cost - starting @ $100/month

  • One Year Lease with options to renew
  • Lockable Office Space (75-500 sq. feet)
  • Subject to board/committee approval.
  • Makerspace access - If you need access to our shared spaces as a main function of your business, tenants are asked to pay an additional fee


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