Makerspaces for All

The Foundry's makerspaces are used by hundreds of students, entrepreneurs, and community groups every year for a wide range of educational, small business, and neighborhood needs. In addition to regularly scheduled programming, we have Open Maker Hours where anyone can come to learn more and use tools for projects.

We believe that as a community resource, makerspaces should open their doors to anyone, regardless of who they are or how much they can pay. But maintaining makerspaces costs a lot. So we ask - can we collectively raise enough money to keep these makerspaces open - offsetting the cost of staffing shops, running programs, doing the necessary maintenance to our facilities?

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Through a donation to The Foundry, you can enjoy access to our makerspaces while ensuring that money is never a barrier for others to access the same opportunities. Your donation provides critical operating funds that open The Foundry’s makerspaces to everyone.


How to Access Our Makerspaces

When you donate to The Foundry as a supporter, you can use our makerspaces during Open Maker Hours.

Here’s how to get started!

1. Attend a Safety Class

All students and entrepreneurs are required to take a safety orientation to use our makerspaces. We ask that you do too! Click here to find out about our next cycle of classes. Scholarships are available for income-eligible participants - email us to request a scholarship.

2. Make a Donation

Cost shouldn’t be a barrier to makerspace access. Instead of imposing expensive monthly fees, we’re opting for a donate-what-you-can model. Your donation will keep our makerspaces open to the community, offset staffing costs for shop and labs, cover maintenance, and secure the upkeep of our building. Imagine accessing the makerspaces similar to the gym, getting your hair done, going out to eat - how much is it worth for you to cut, weld, solder, print, or sew a project and get valuable advice from others on how to do it? You decide!

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3. Notify Staff & Schedule a Visit

In order to get started, contact The Foundry staff. (Email: [email protected]) Staff will confirm your donation, note your completed safety orientation, and then you will receive information about signing up for time blocks during Open Maker Hours. On your first visit, you can connect directly with the volunteer supervisor in the shop you’re scheduled in to introduce yourself and to learn more about Open Maker Hours!

2024 Open Maker Hours:

  • Mondays 6-9pm
  • Saturdays 9-1pm

Thank you M&T Bank for supporting the 2024 Open Maker Hours!


Other Requirements for Accessing Our Makerspaces:

  • Enthusiasm for making things!
  • Have a project or a specific tool you want to explore. Volunteer supervisors are available to help and to guide, but they need a bit of direction on what you’re excited about.
  • Must be over 18 in our wood and metalshops, but youth as young as 13 may access our tech and textile labs with parent/guardian supervision. Check in with our staff about your particular situation.

Interested in learning about a particular shop?

We have four makerspaces that are available for Foundry supporters and donors to access:

Woodshop - Metalshop - TechLab - TextileLab

To learn more about renting space in our incubator as an on-site maker business, click here.