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This week, we’re featuring stories of students, entrepreneurs and community groups using The Foundry’s Metalshop to highlight why it’s so important to have Makerspaces for All.

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Using The Foundry’s Metalshop to Make Buffalo Beautiful

You’ve probably seen Five Points’ gates or maybe admired the elegant trellis in Isleview Park. Those eye-catching pieces were made by local artist Sarah Fonzi in The Foundry’s Metalshop. Working artists and craftspeople need affordable access to makerspaces to make our built environment beautiful! 

Can you imagine if more people had availability to these these tools and resources - Buffalo could be the public art capital of the country! And more importantly, more creative and skilled people could make a living as entrepreneurs. 

Click here to view a map of items around town made at The Foundry! How many have you seen?

This is Why Makerspaces for All is Critical

As a community resource, makerspaces should open their doors to anyone, regardless of who they are or how much they can pay. Cost should never be a barrier to accessing tools and resources. But - maintaining makerspaces is expensive.

Which is where YOU come in! 

Your support expands access to makerspaces for the WNY community and empowers individuals in making and entrepreneurship - offsetting costs for staffing shops, maintenance, and general upkeep of our building. 

Plus, you can donate any amount and access the makerspaces as a Foundry supporter during open maker hours.

To keep our makerspaces open, we need your commitment to reach an annual combined community giving goal of $50,000

Will you contribute and guarantee everyone (including working artists & craftspeople) access to makerspace tools and opportunities?

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