Happy New Year! January E-Newsletter 2023

A new year calls for a time to learn something new! We have a full list of classes scheduled for you to try your hand at a new tool or technique. Let's get makin'

You can get involved at The Foundry

Beyond taking classes, there are so many ways to get involved at The Foundry. Join us by:

If interested, connect with us by sending an email to [email protected].



2023 Open Maker Hours supported by M&T Bank


We are so excited to thank M&T Bank for supporting this year's Open Maker Hours, as part of our Makerspaces for All initiative!

Our makerspaces are used by hundreds of students, entrepreneurs and community groups every year for a wide range of educational, small business and neighborhood needs. In addition to regularly scheduled programming, we have Open Maker Hours where anyone can come to learn more and use tools for projects.

We believe that as a community resource, makerspaces should open their doors to anyone, regardless of who they are or how much they can pay. Our Makerspaces for All initiative ensures all types of folks have access to these resources through a donate-what-you-can model. Thank you M&T Bank for continuing to make this possible!


Call for Applications - Community Projects

At the Foundry we have wonderful volunteers and 4 makerspaces: Tech Lab, Textile Lab, Woodshop, and Metal Shop. We are looking to share our resources as much as possible to help improve our community.

We are now taking applications for community projects in need of tools or skilled volunteers. We cannot provide materials for projects, but we may be able to provide access to tools, volunteers, or advice. We will not be able to take on every project as we're continuing to grow capacity, but we will do our best to assist when possible.

Possible community projects may include asks like:

  • access to sewing machines for sewing dog beds for an animal shelter
  • 3D printing watering can spigots for a community garden 
  • ....and more!

Some requests may be directed to incorporate our youth programs. Our youth have previously made little free libraries, park benches and other public works.

All requests must be community based, benefiting more than one individual.