This week, we’re featuring stories of students, entrepreneurs and community groups using The Foundry’s Textile Lab to highlight why it’s so important to have Makerspaces for All.

Using The Foundry’s Textile Lab to Launch a Business

Making is fun, but making a living selling the things you love to make is ideal! In our youth entrepreneurship program sponsored by Ciminelli Real Estate, we work with high school studdents to make and sell items on e-commerce. They design products in our tech and textile lab and learn how to run a business. And they earn income from the sales they generate. Take a look at some of the unique products they’re selling!

At 17, Riya started Cocoa Cosmetics. She taught herself how to make body butter, lip scrubs and other beauty products. Working with The Foundry, she is developing a business and will be moving into her own space at The Foundry in mid August!

Youth need access to makerspaces to discover their inner maker and to explore how entrepreneurship can become a career.

Why Makerspaces for All is Critical

Cost should never be a barrier to accessing tools and resources. As a community resource, makerspaces should open their doors to anyone, regardless of who they are or how much they can pay.

Which is where you come in! 

Your support expands access to makerspaces for the WNY community and empowers individuals in making and entrepreneurship - offsetting costs for staffing shops, maintenance, and general upkeep of our building. 

Plus, you can donate any amount and access the makerspaces as a Foundry supporter during open maker hours.

Will you contribute and guarantee everyone has access to makerspace tools and opportunities?

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