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What’s Happening

The Foundry works with close to 30 maker businesses, providing space and equipment, and facilitating new connections to business assistance or sales opportunities. Many of our small business tenants are economically vulnerable and are suffering during this pandemic. Without tours, visits from potential clients, and with the general downturn in the economy, many businesses have reported a loss of 30-50% of their revenue. As regular youth and adult education classes are not back up to full speed at The Foundry, business tenants who are also program educators are losing hundreds of dollars of anticipated monthly income. Connecting as many businesses as possible to relief funds and loans is a current priority, as these small business owners work on creative ways to re-invent and pivot their business while the economy reopens.

What You Can Do

Buy Through E-commerce
You can support our community of maker businesses through e-commerce or by commissioning a new project!
Foundry tenants excel at making a variety of products and providing a wide range of services. 

Please consider making a purchase now to support the local maker economy! 

Sponsor a Space
The Foundry’s affordable spaces make it possible for tenants to grow their small businesses. Your donation will help to maintain a workspace for one of those businesses at The Foundry.

Use the form below to make a one-time gift or increase your impact by becoming a Monthly Supporter

Engage through Social Media
You can Follow, Like, Share and Tag The Foundry’s current business tenants on their social media accounts.  This type of support is free to give, helps to promote local businesses, and establishes vital personal connections.


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