Tool Wishlist 2017

This is The Foundry's Tool Wishlist for ToolFest 2017! We would be so excited to receive any of the items listed below. We also always need clamps, measuring tapes, safety gear, fabric, 3D printing filament, wood glue, sandpaper, cutting wheels, office supplies and more! If you have questions about what you'd like to contribute, please email us: [email protected]

Item/Tool                    Description                  Website To Buy!         Quantity

TECH - SD Cards 4GB or larger   20
TECH - PLA Filament Antique Bronze Metallic PLA - 1.75mm 2
TECH - PLA Filament Woodfill 3D Printer Filament PLA 1.75MM 2
TECH - PLA Filament Sandable Corkfill Filament - 1.75mm 2
TECH - PLA Filament bronzeFill Metal Filament - 1.75mm 2
TECH - Wire cutters   Home Depot, Lowe's, etc  10
TECH - PLA Filament color pack for 3D printing 10 pack of colored 3D ink (PLA Filament) (@$15 Ea) 1 (10 spools)
TECH - PLA Nylon Filament collection Set of Black, White and Grey Nylon Filament - 1.75mm 1 (3 spools)
TECH - PLA Flexible Filament collection NinjaTek NinjaFlex in Midnight, Snow and Silver 2 (3 spools)
FIBER - Lace carriage for punch card knitter add-on hardware for complicated, programmed pattern knitting 1
TECH - M3D 3D printers set of teaching printers for classes 10
TECH - Oscilloscope     2
TECH - Skanect Pro + Structure Sensor for 3D scanning attach the Structure Sensor to an iPad to capture high-quality 3D scans and stream that digital information wirelessly to Skanect Pro software running on a lab PC. 1
WOOD - Bandsaw JET, 14"  
ALL - Project Storage Cages wire mesh, lockable carts to store equipment and projects 6
FIBER - Punch card knitting machine Singer SK360 knitting machine and SRP50 ribber 1
FIBER - Computerized knitting machine Singer 740 knitting machine with integrated lace carriage 1
TECH - little bits STEAM Education Class Pack invention-based learning kit supporting electronics tinkering for up to 18 students. 1 set
TECH - little bits Code Kit Education Class Pack invention with code kits for up to 18 students. 1 set
FIBER - digital knitting machine Kniterate 1
METAL - CNC Plasma Cutting Kit 1